Puerist has an excellent working knowledge of the area which we are happy to share with our clients to deepen the understanding of the area, its people: tea farmers and producers.  As the demand for quality Puer tea increases, Puer tea lovers are motivated to search further afield, in yet more remote areas in search of that ‘holy grail’ of Puer tea –  a tea that has character and also a good balance of the qualities of body, bitterness, astringence, fragrance, sweetness, aftertaste, hou yun and thickness, qualities, that when in harmony produce an exceptional tea.

Knowledge of the area alone cannot lead to good tea, just as an understanding of tea will not in itself make it easy to find, but a knowledge of both can lead to a more dependable outcome. Puerist, using a detailed knowledge of the area coupled with many years experience of sourcing tea in the region, can access teas which would otherwise be hard to come by.

tea mountain map