I left the UK in 1999 and spent some time travelling, mostly in SE Asia. (I’ve been though four passports since then) I’ve been in China since 2006 and in Xishuangbanna for seven years. I had my first brush with Puer tea in Penang in 2000. I was involved with the early days of Zhi Zheng Tea Shop, helping establish the business. Despite my fifteen years of drinking Puer I only started to develop an understanding of the world of Puer: it’s depth and breadth after coming to Yunnan. Along the way many friends have offered pointers that have been central to my beginning to develop this understanding. I do not greatly care for ‘cooked’ or shou  Puer though I drank it in my early explorations and still occasionally do. For me it is ‘raw’ or sheng Puer tea where the enchantment lies.







puer tongs